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Set up in 2005 to promote the use of building materials in developing Nations. Develop far flunged overseas markets. To develop & promote industrial wastes gainfully - such a Fly Ash, Granulated Slag, GGBS Micro Silica, RHA. To assist the reduction of Global warming for the sruvival of our planet & future generations.



POZZOCON is Pulverised Fly Ash(PFA), commonly known as Fly Ash. PFA is a pozzolana having high pozzolanacity. It is a finely divided material that reacts with Calcium Hydroxide and Alkalies to form compounds possessing Cementitious Properties. PFA is availabe at coal based Thermal Power Station in WET or DRY form. POZZOCON is selectively collected DRY PFA to obtain highest pozzolancacity with reactive Alumino Silicate Glass, fine enough to provide high reactive surface area for the solid state chemical reactions.



POZZOCON is a versatile material, which can be used in a variety of applications in contruction of roads, embankments, structural fills. Due to the excellent geo-technical properties and pozzolanic properties POZZOCON finds extensive utility in cement concrete as a building material. Specific common applications are in

  • Concrete and Mortar
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Road Construction
  • PCC and Grouting
  • Fly Ash Bricks/Blocks
  • Clay-Fly Ash Bricks
  • Hollow Concrete Blocks
  • Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Manufacture of Cement



It has been established that several benefits can be gained by incorporating fly Ash in Cement Concrete Greater long term durability and strength Improved workability

  • Reduced Heat of Hydration
  • Reduced permeability
  • Resistance to Sulphate attach
  • Reduced Alkali - Aggregate Reaction
  • Resistance in Cost of Concrete

You can replate OP Cement(53 Grade) by POZZOCON™ to the extent of 25 to 35% in mass concreting mixes of M-15 & M-20. In RCC work depending upon the ultimate strength requirement. POZZOCON™ can be used upto 50% of cement and fine aggregate requirement. However, the replacement of Cement by POZZOCON should be as per the instruction of your RCC consultant.


Delivery in Bulk through Bulkers, 40 kg HDPE bags, and in 1 m.t. Jumbo bags.